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12 Days of Christmas – Day 11 – “Ice Queen”

Happy Christmas Eve lovers!!

For the second last day of our 12 Day Lookbook we decided to go all out with a look you probably would never ever do on yourself (unless you were going to go full out for your evil disney character audition), but for art, creativity and colour’s sake we decided to go for it anyway, and it was hella fun!

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12 Days of Christmas – Day 10 – “Christmas Cat Eye”

It’s the day before Christmas Eve! 😁😁

And although it may not feel like it quite yet (someone please make it snow), we’ve definitely been in the spirit. Today we thought we’d switch it up a little bit. You see, the original plan here was to put the emphasis on the lips and keep the eyes simple and sweet, but of course when working with Jen, she can’t give you 50%, she goes all out. So we ended up with both a dramatic eye and lip that was pulled together nicely with some cheesy christmas colours and pig tails! Enjoy 🙂

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12 Days of Christmas – Day 9 – “Evergreen “

Happy Christmas Eve Eve Eve!!

Today on the blog, we’re back at the eyes with a little bit of forest colour. The key to this look is to blend the heck out of it. This whole photo shoot would not have been possible without the help of our good friend Danielle Renae Photography.

On the skin we have our usual Revlon PhotoReady Eye Primer + Brightener and ELF HD Lifting Concealer in the shade Fair on the skin and sponged on some Revlon PhotoReady Foundation in 005  with an added a touch of green, yellow and brown from Make Up For Ever’s 12 Flash Colour Case, and set it with ELF High Definition Powder.

Now for the centre of attention, les yeux. Obviously Jen threw on some MAC 24h Extended Eye Base Primer. Following that, working from lightest to darkest in MAC Eyeshadow shades she applied, “Chrome Yellow”“Sour Lemon”“Bio Green”“Sprout”, and “Humid”.

Jen used a tad of blush with Estée Lauder’s Pure Colour Blush in Shade 06 “Hot Sienna”.

She touched up my brows with some ELF product using Brow Kit in” Dark”

On the lips went on MAC Creme de Nude Lipstick with a touch of MAC Lipgloss in “C-thru”.

(I felt very exotic)

And voilaaa!

There you have it beauties! Check us out on instagram, pinterest and snapchat @modernmakeupcan and you can find Danielle over here.

If you intend on using any of our images, be sure to refer back to us and we hope you are enjoying the holidays as much as we are.

Enjoy your evening lovers!


12 Days of Christmas – Day 8 – “Chocolate Marshmallow”

Happy Monday beauties!

Today we are bringing you one of my favourite looks from this campaign. “Chocolate marshmallow” is a great go-to look when you want to jazz up a simple outfit for an event. It warms the atmosphere with an emphasized smokey eye and sweet pink lips.

Like any other day this week we would like to give a big shout out to our good friend Danielle Renea Photography for capturing the best of the best for us.

We started off the skin with Revlon PhotoReady Eye Primer + Brightener and MAC Pro Longwear Concealer in NW15 on the skin and sponged on some Revlon PhotoReady Foundation in 005  with an added a touch of green, yellow and brown from Make Up For Ever’s 12 Flash Colour Case, and set it with ELF High Definition Powder. This time she added a bit of MAC Mineralized Skinfinish in Dark to my cheeks to calm down the pink and make it look more bronzed.

Jen was still out of her usual ELF HD Under Eye Setting Powder so we used our alternative Cinema Secrets Light Touch Powder in Colourless.

For the eyes she started off with our third go to product, MAC 24 Hour Extend Eye Base. She threw on MAC Eyeshadow in “Vanilla” all over lid up to brow bone as a base. After that Jen added MAC Eyeshadow in “Soft Brown” in the crease and a bit of MAC Eyeshadow in “Embark” and built it up in the crease. She threw in just a tad of MAC Eyeshadow in “Carbon” to add definition to the outer V of the crease.

Jen lined eyes with MAC fluidline in “Blacktrack” and set it with Mac Eyeshadow in Carbon. She lined the upper and lower waterlines using Make Up For Ever’s Aqua Shadow in Black (0E). On the lashes went Rimmel Scandaleyes Waterproof Mascara in 001 black. And this time we decided to add some Ardell falsies in 120 Demi.


For the lips she decided on MAC’s Creamsheen Lipstick in “Coral Bliss” and sealed it up with Soft Lips Clear Gloss.

On the brows Jen carefully created small hair strokes with Stila’s Stay All Day Waterproof Brow Colour in “Dark”. And added just a tad of the Elf Brow Kit in “Dark” to blend with Stila pen.

And voila!


(when you become besties with the photographer’s dog)

So there you have it lovers! Be sure to check us out on insta @modernmakeupcan and @dreneaphoto. Give us a quick shoutout if you plan to use any of our images and tune in tomorrow for some colour with “Evergreen Forest”.

(I’ll have you know that I got whipped cream up my nose at one point in this photoshoot)


Have a great day!



12 Days Of Christmas – Day 6 – “Meet The Parents”

It’s the weekend (finally!) and as busy as you all may be scrambling to get all of your christmas shopping done, I can bet you 200 candy canes that I’m at an even worse spot. We are sooo excited to present to you these new set of images which have been upgraded just a bit (by like 1000x) by our partner in crime Danielle Renea Photography.

Today we bring to you one of our more simpler looks. We all know that you’ll be visiting a handful of family this weekend and we thought we’d make it a tad easier for you when you step onto the in-law property. This simple and sweet and innocent looking profile is bound to have them convinced you woke up like that 😉.

We started off with Revlon PhotoReady Eye Primer + Brightener and MAC Pro Longwear Concealer in NW15 on the skin and sponged on some Revlon PhotoReady Foundation in 005  with an added a touch of green, yellow and brown from Make Up For Ever’s 12 Flash Colour Case, and set it with ELF High Definition Powder. Jen ran out of her usual ELF HD Under Eye Setting Powder so we switched to our alternative Cinema Secrets Light Touch Powder in Colourless.

On the face she used MAC Sculpting Powder in “Bone Beige” to contour my facial features. Jen used MAC Creamblend blush in “Something Special” on the cheeks and applied it using her fingers to really work it in and ensure it was well blended to give it that super soft blush look.

On ze brows went on ELF Eyebrow Kit in Dark.

Jen used MAC Pro Longwear Lip Liner and coloured my entire lip in the shade “In Anticipation” with Estée Lauder Pure Colour High Gloss lipgloss in “07 Flashdance”.
_DSC2962_DSC2956Jen applied MAC 24 Hour Extend Eye Base to prime lids and MAC eyeshadow in “Blanc Type” over the entire eyelid as a base. Next up she placed MAC Eyeshadow in “Free to Be” (the pink tone one) softly in the crease. MAC Eyeshadow in “Soft Brown” was blended in the crease with “Free to Be” focusing on the lower portion of the crease. MAC’s “Plum Dressing” was lightly applied to the outer “V” of the crease.

_DSC2964Après ça, Jen lined the top with MAC Fluidline Eyeliner in “Blacktrack” with a MAC #266 brush and extended the lashes with Rimmel Scandaleyes Waterproof Mascara in 001 Black. For that innocent look, we added some individual false eyelashes only to the outer 1-3 of Ardell’s Individuals in “Flare Medium”.

And ta daaa!



Let us know what you think of this look over on instagram @modernmakeupcan and remember to give some love to @dreneaphotography for being her crazy talented self. And give us a quick shoutout if you are planning on using any of our images.

Have a great night beauties!



12 Days of Christmas – Day 5 – “Plum Pie”

Happy Friday beautiful people!

Today’s look is another one of our classic smokey eyes to give you some more colour inspiration for the holidays. This one involves a little of my most adored colour, that is purple. This subtle yet not subtle look strays you away from the typical darker lipsticks to put more emphasis on those eyes.

On went ELF HD Lifting Concealer in the shade “Fair”, and Revlon’s Photoready Foundation in “005” corrected with a combination of  brown, yellow and green using Make Up For Ever’s 12 Colour Flash Palette being Revlon’s Photoready Foundation in “005”. She set the foundation once again with ELF’s HD Setting Powder and moved on to ze eyes.

She started off with MAC’s Eyeshadow in “Vanilla” starting in the inner corner and throughout the eyelid as a base. Jen went on to use MAC’s Eyeshadows in “Sketch” in a V Formation and smoked it up to make it look sharp. “Plum Dressing” on the inner and worked its way out,  and “Soft Brown” in the crease and to provide an easier transition to our colours and give it that pie crust look. “Indian Ink” to give it more dimension and darken it up and added the tiniest bit of black bit of black using MAC’s “Carbon”. And applied some finishing touches with some pink in MAC Free to Be, right at the very top to blend the smoke a little better.

Jen used a waterproof eyeliner on both my top and bottom waterline and filled in the brows with some pencil. We applied some falsies with ELF Natural Lash Kit.


She threw on some baby pink MAC Blush in the shade Raizons,  and Clinique’s Long Last Gloss Wear in #10 Air Kiss.

And taa daa!


We hope we sparked some makeup or baking inspiration 😉

Check us out on instagram @modernmakeupcan and on snapchat @modernmakeupcan to clue in to some behind the scenes. And if you are using our images, give us a quick shoutout!

Have a toasty day lovers!


12 Days of Christmas – Day 4 – “Champagne Galore”

Good evening lovers,

Today’s look is a slight combination of a smokey eye and eyeliner emphasis. This look, inspired by the golden shades of Christmas and Jen’s creativity were pulled together in the most artistic way. I’ll have you notice the continuation of the gold line from the bottom of my eye, winged out towards the top corners, and put together with some slight contouring on the face.

This look is a little artsy per say, so it’s understandable if you don’t want to deck the halls at your staff christmas party looking like a golden cleopatra but we consider this one of our more artistic looks.

She started off this process like any other by applying foundation and this time we used MAC’s Prop Long Wear Nourishing Waterproof Foundation in the shade NC42, but we later realized I’m more of an NC40.

Jen flaked the under eyes with our usual wonderful white powder that is ELF HD Undereye Setting Powder to cover and then applied MAC’s Prep and Primer 24hour Extended Eye Base Powder.


She started off the eyes using a STILA eyeshadow in the shade Nectar as a base base, to give me a nice even lid. Then she used her MAC 266 liner brush and applied the gel liner in Black Jack to portray the most perfect cat eye I’ve ever witnessed.

She did a slight smokey eye using MAC’s soft brown all along the crease.

Jen applied the glitter using ELF’s Makeup Lock and Seal Liquid to make the glitter adhere to the brush and then into my face. She applied the glitter liner to the outer two thirds of the top, and the inner 1/3rd of the bottom.

After using REVLON Photo Ready Eye Brighter on my lower water line, Jen set the eyeliner with MAC’s black eyeshadow in Carbon and put a little bit on the underline and at the base of the lashes.

We used Rimmel’s Volume Flash Scandal Eyes Mascara and Jen clumped them together using tweezers to make them spike out. She wanted to try something new so she brought out STILA’s All Day Waterproof Brow Colour in the shade “Dark”.


It’s precision allows you to draw different hairs on, it looks very natural but it takes a little more patience because essentially you’re drawing in hairs

She combed the brows through and we were all good to move on to some slight contouring using Elizabeth Arden’s Pure Finish Summer Escape Bronzing Powder which was applied to my cheeks, forehead, nose and under the chin. And added a bit of blush to add some natural colour.

For the lips she used MAC’s Lip Gelee in the shade “Gold Sparkle” and a dab of Anna Sui Lip Gloss in 850 for a slight gold sparkle.

And ta daaaa!


We hoped you enjoyed this look just as much as we enjoyed putting it together!

Be sure to find us on instagram @modernmakupcan and now snapchat @modernmakeupcan, and if you are using any of our professional but not professional pictures just give us a quick shoutout!

Have a great night lovers!



12 Days of Christmas – Day 3 – “Modern Mrs. Claus”

Happy Hump Day beauties!

We are so excited to bring to you one of our favourite looks of ALL time. The talent of all cosmetic art comes from the creativity in the artist, passion in their heart and precision in their hand. I am the most impatient person ever, which is probably why I’m atrocious at makeup, but throughout this process Jen held her grace and patience as she carefully layered each line to produce this look.

Beginning with the skin, we discovered the magical formula to perfectly match my skin tone is a combination of  brown, yellow and green (I am apparently 1/3 hulk). Jen used Make Up For Ever’s 12 Colour Flash palette to colour correct the regular foundation we use (being Revlon’s Photoready Foundation in “005”). She set the foundation once again with ELF’s HD Setting Powder and moved on to les yeux.

Revlon’s Photoready Eye Primer and Brightener and our favourite white flakey stuff,  ELF’s HD Undereye Setting Powder were used under my eye to make me look fresh and awake and then we got right into the fun stuff!

This process consisted of application of creme colour and then setting with powder and waiting because otherwise, the cream liners would become one smudged mess. Jen started off by applying MAC’s Fluidline Gel Eye Liner in “Blacktrack” while using her second most boasted about product, MAC’s #266 brush and then applied Cinema Secrets – Light Touch Powder – Colourless over top to set. We waited in order to avoid the liners smudging into each other, and she did the same to apply the red liner (Make Up For Ever – 12 Flash Colour Case – “Red 024”) and the white liner (Make Up For Ever – 12 Flash Colour Case – “White 010”).


To touch up the skin, Jen used MAC’s Mineralize Skin Finsh in “Dark” and used it as a blush to put the emphasis on the bold lip and eye makeup.

For lips, MAC Pro Longwear Lip Liner – “He Said, She Said” and  Make Up For Ever’s 12 Flash Colour Case in “Red 024” were used.


Jen curled my lashes and  applied Rimmel’s VolumeFlash ScandalEyes Waterproof Mascara in “001 Black” and filled in the eyebrows with ELF’s Eyebrow Kit in “Light”.

Waterproof mascara holds the curl better, but when it comes to everyday use, stick to regular mascara because waterproof will dry your lashes out.

We slicked my now very short hair straight, and tadaaa!


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Check in tomorrow for “Champagne Cheer”.

Have a great day lovers!