For perfect boudoir photography results you need to make sure you hire a great boudoir makeup artist.

Take a look a the boudoir makeup portfolio of Modern Makeup lead artist Jennifer Turner below.

First of all Boudoir is a form of photography that celebrates the beauty of the body and embraces sexuality.

So next, please be aware this portfolio page contains mature and sexual images.

We do not suggest you view this page if you do not wish to see women who overcame their anxieties and took the plunge.

Boudoir Makeup Artist and Hair Stylist

Modern Makeup lead artist Jennifer Turner is lucky to work with numerous amazing Boudoir photographers! She one of the artists at Provocateur Images in Toronto and north of Toronto at Georgian Bay Boudoir in Parry Sound.

Check out Georgian Bay Boudoir for more information on how to book and to see more before and after images.

Book with Georgian Bay Boudoir

Provocateur Images is one of Toronto’s TOP boudoir photographers and we proudly showcase some of our work with them here!

Remember to request Jennifer to do your hair and makeup when you book your boudoir shoot with Provocateur Images.