Modern Makeup – Bridal Makeup & Hair Price List

Bridal Makeup Prices:

Bridal Makeup Prices

Bridal Makeup Prices

2019 Bridal Makeup prices all listed below. Hairstyling Prices also listed.

Prices have applicable HST. Includes travel within the GTA and most surrounding areas. Additional travel fees may apply.

Prices are listed to book with lead artist Jennifer Turner or to book with a Modern Makeup team member.

Visit the Contact page to inquire for availability.

Remember when inquiring for availibility to tell us a bit about what you’re looking for.

Please include: date, location, services wanted, timeline, and number of people.

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Bridal Makeup Prices Modern Makeup


Why Booking with a Professional Makeup Artist is your Best Choice:

How much money are you investing in your wedding day?

How much are you investing in your photos?

Many brides will invest thousands of dollars into their dress, shoes, and photographer… but then allocate a very small budget for hair and makeup.

I think it is worth investing a little bit extra into your bridal makeup to ensure your results are exactly what you want.

Bridal makeup artists at Modern Makeup work with you to perfect your bridal makeup look and ensure it is absolutely perfect for you.

Professional makeup artists ensure that you look flawless both in person and in your photographs.

We use the right products to ensure long wear and perfect results. Wedding makeup should be built to last!

Do not take a gamble on your face on your wedding day. Book with a professional makeup artist!