The Vanguard Canada’s Hottest Night in Fashion

The Vanguard – Canada’s Biggest Night In International Fashion and Music returns to Toronto on Sunday September 17th, 2023.

Want to create the perfect hair or makeup look to accent your style at this year’s 2023 party?

The team at Modern Makeup has you covered.

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This marks the second annual event and this year the theme is Renaissance & Colour.

Renaissance & Colour encapsulates the essence of new beginnings, vibrant creativity, and the pursuit of a truly fulfilling life.

On this occasion, we encourage all attendees to express themselves through an exuberant display of bright and captivating hues, including blues, metallics, oranges, yellows, and dusty rose, among others.

Seeing that, it’s time to embrace the artistry of hairstyles and innovative makeup techniques!

Must be remembered is the style in 2022:

What is The Vanguard all about?

It is a curated series of luxury fashion, music and networking events.

Our Mission is to create a transformative fashion, arts, and music spectacle that celebrates cultures and uplifts the Arts, BIPOC and 2sLGBTQ2+ communities.

Together, we aim to foster inclusivity, diversity, and empowerment, while giving back and creating positive social impact both locally and internationally.

We strive to provide a platform for emerging and established talents from all cultures regardless of race, sexuality or religion, showcasing their creativity, heritage and unique perspectives within the arts.

Finally, our platform includes complementary networking and business forums, music masterclass, showcases, industry panels, and more.

Visit for more information.

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