Branding Photo Hair & Makeup

Branding photo hair and makeup

Branding Photo Hair and Makeup: Sound Wealth Financial

Branding photo hair and makeup 101 – Hire a great photographer. Hire a great hair and makeup artist who suits your style.

My friend Meg from Georgian Bay Boudoir and I have done a few of these branding photoshoots for clients recently and our clients have been thrilled with the results!

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Today we’re featuring Kaila Stevenson of Sound Wealth Financial

Nonetheless, let’s see what Kaila had to say!

What she has to say!

ā€œI felt strong and beautiful and that I could take on the world after my personal branding session with Meg. Not only did I have a blast and get some incredible photos to use across my social media accounts, the session gave me a huge confidence boost for my business. I felt stunning, professional and well, like a bad ass business woman!ā€œ

Why did you book a personal branding session?

Empowerment is the word that first comes to mind. As a woman in a very male oriented business, I wanted my personal branding photos to make me feel strong and fierce and what better place to have that feeling than with Georgian Bay Boudoir?! I wanted to work with someone who had the same vision I did and wow, was it ever powerful.

I was nervous to start. These pictures were for my business. They would be shown on social media outlets, advertisements and maybe even a sign in Parry Sound. I wanted to ensure the pictures matched the goal I had for Sound Wealth Financial. But before we even started, all my fears were out the window! I felt like a million bucks!

Wish I could find the right words for my images other than holy crap, look at me! I look like a million bucks and these images are going to take my business to the next level. Iā€™m ready for it!

You can find more about Kaila and Sound Wealth Financial on her website:

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Subsequently, it looks like Kaila got what she was looking for!

Now take a look for yourself!

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