How to rock Stylish V-neck t-shirts for Guys

V-neck t-shirts for guys are a wardrobe staple every guy should possess.

It works great with many outfits and creates an impression that you’ve spent some time dressing up even if you didn’t.

There are few rules for wearing a V-neck that are very helpful if you want to avoid some common pitfalls and look your very best. 

So don’t be discouraged from trying new things and adding a few V-neck tees to your collection.

Here’s our how to rock V-neck t-shirt guide for guys. 

v-neck shirts for guys

V-neck t-shirt for Guys

V-neck has a less formal feel than the crew collar and adds a little more interest and style to the standard tee.

The v-neck is an excellent choice for shorter guys as it gives the appearance of height and slims the torso. 

However, the downside of the V neckline is that it accentuates the midline, so if you’re on the heavier side, you might want to reconsider wearing this type of tee. 

Wear with a blazer 

For a casual yet stylish look, wear your favourite V-neck tee with a blazer. This neckline works better than Henleys or crewnecks as it’s less casual also adds length to your torso. 

When styling your work outfit, we always recommend opting for a V-neck for that sophisticated, smart-casual style. 

And your best bet for work-appropriate colours is black. Just make sure you have the best high-quality black V-neck tee like the ones from Fresh Clean Tees for maximum impact. Check out their collection of black V-neck tees:

Wear as a base layer 

A V-neck tee is also a great base layer for colder days. It’s perfect under cardigans or other knitwear, vests, shirts or sweatshirts. 

Wearing a V-neck t-shirt underneath provides warmth, but if you need to take the top layer off, you’re still put-together and stylish! It’s a win-win. 

Wear with tailored pants 

Yes, you can wear your V-neck tee with tailored pants and look just as good as wearing a dress shirt. 

We love the combo of a black V-neck t-shirt and navy chinos or grey wool trousers as these two elements complement each other perfectly. 

Choose your favourite leather or suede sneakers or classic Oxford shoe to complete the outfit. 

Get the right V cut 

Let’s talk about that V neckline and why it got a bad rep for a moment. It’s because it got too deep. And those who lived through the early 2000s know what we’re talking about. 

No matter if you’re jacked or if you’re proud of your chest hairs, there are limits to V-neck t-shirts for guys, and that’s not lower than four inches from the base of your throat.

On the other hand, as put it, “If the neck of your V-neck tee is just as shallow as a regular crew neck tee, then why wear it in the first place?”

What we’re trying to say here is to look for the golden middle!

Get the right fit 

Some guys tend to go for oversized shirts, and others absolutely love the tightest tees they can get. 

Neither is a great look. When buying V-neck t-shirts for guys, make sure yours is not too baggy and doesn’t resemble a cyclist uniform. We get it, you work out, but you don’t have to flaunt it all the time.

Just like with the neckline, you want balance and the perfect middle. 

Toss the old tees 

We understand the sentimental value of clothes, but when it’s time, it’s time. 

The thing with V-necks is that they start stretching out at the neckline at one moment, and it’s a sign you need to toss that tee and get a new one. 

A ragged, sloppy t-shirt doesn’t do any favours to you or your reputation. Keep it for sleeping or wear while doing garden work. 

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