When Can Makeup Artists Work in Ontario?

So when can makeup artists work in Ontario?

Let’s be honest! It’s been hard to keep up!

Then rules seem to be ever-changing!

That’s why I’m taking a few minutes today to bring some clarity for professional makeup artists having trouble making sense of the rules.

To start off, all of my information comes directly from the Ontario government website and I will site all applicable links for you.

Here’s all the information you need to find out when makeup artist can work:

Information pulled directly from Ontario’s COVID-19 page here.

Ontario’s Colour Coded Zones:

Grey/ Lockdown:

Personal Care Services are CLOSED.

Exceptions under Grey zone include film/television and professional commercial photo and video shoots.

Ensure the job you’re hired for is operating a COVID-safe workplace and following all government rules for productions.


Personal Care Services that involve the removal of a mask are PROHIBITED.

No makeup in-home or in-studio

Exceptions under red zone include film/tv/commercial

  • Now also includes working for professional photography studios offering retail photography.
  • Here’s a great resource for photography information

NOTE: You MUST obtain the contact information or ensure your photographer does.


No changes to personal care services from Red to Orange.

Yellow/Protect :

FINALLY, makeup artists can fully re-open!

All services requiring you to remove your mask are now allowed.

What does all this mean for things like weddings?

Well, it means we’re in for a very confusing summer and that’s about all I can promise you!

Legally, wedding makeup can’t be performed until the Yellow/Protect level.

Let’s please continue to work together to help slow the spread of COVID-19.

Small businesses like us at Modern Makeup are waiting for areas to re-open so that we can continue to operate and do what we love.

At Modern Makeup we will be following all government laws and regulations and adhering to them.

Your safety and the safety of our team members will always be our top priority.

Thank you for understanding!

We hope to be back in full swing as soon as possible!

Modern Makeup will likely be adding new artists to our roster in spring of 2022.

In the meantime, you can search for jobs for makeup artists here!

When can makeup artists work in ontario?

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