Boudoir Makeup Inspiration Looks

I thought it would be fun today to look at some of the highlights from my last year or so and show you some new photos and give you some boudoir makeup inspiration!

I am privileged and honoured to get to work with some of the best boudoir photography teams in the country.

If you are not familiar with boudoir photography, let me quickly give you my take.

Boudoir photography is all about embracing, appreciating and loving all things you.

From my experience in the industry (coming up on my 8th year doing boudoir photography hair and makeup! Where does time go!?) these experiences are a gift to yourself.

Being a Professional Boudoir Makeup Artist

What I love most about doing boudoir hair and makeup is that I get to help woman see themselves for who they are.

I realize that might sound crazy as some of you may perceive hair and makeup as a way to alter ones self, and think to yourself,

“How can you help them see themself when you’re covering them up with makeup?”

To develop each look, I dive deep into every detail to make sure that I build the look they want.

I love to use makeup to accentuate what you’ve got. I don’t look at it as if we are changing things but bringing forward the parts you love the most.

The best part of my day is seeing that reaction when my job is finished.

I’ve had many many clients be brought to tears over their makeovers… the good kind of tears lol!

I’ll never forget the first client I had cry when I showed her the makeup. I wasn’t expecting it. She had a breakdown and said, “I’m 65 year old… and I never knew… that I could be this beautiful”.

She said that to me while gasping to breath, as tears rolled down her face. My heart sank and I had to keep my composure from crying with her. (Crying is completely contagious for me and if someone is crying near me I almost always end up empathizing.)

Shout out to these two INCREDIBLE photographers who so kindly sent me these images to share with you all!

For Toronto and the GTA book your boudoir photography session with Trevor from Provocateur Images.

Boudoir Makeup Inspiration

For Northern Ontario including Parry Sound and surrounding areas book your boudoir photography session with Meg from Georgian Bay Boudoir.

Reminder! Ask about couples sessions if you’re up for the heat!

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