8 makeup trends for 2021

Listen, if there’s one thing we need in 2021, it’s some beauty and fun.

It’s been a tough year, and with glimmers of hope for the future, we can focus more on what brings us joy. Like makeup!

2021 is coming in hot with new trends, and even though we still need to wear masks in most places, it doesn’t mean we can’t look polished and on point. 

Here are 8 makeup trends for 2021.

Bright colours

Yes, bring on all the colors of the rainbow to shine the light on our future! We’re talking hot pink, fuchsia, yellow, turquoise, orange, purple, green, red…

Put the color on your eyes, lips, cheeks, and go out to the world ready to make it yours. 

Strong eyebrows 

Brows have gone through many shapes in the last decade, from sculptural “Instagram brows” to the tweaked-up soap brows of late. 

This year, it’s all about looking natural and “just right” eyebrows. Yes, you should shape them, but don’t be afraid to leave some wild strays here and there.

Bold lips

Oh, how we missed lipstick! Many women opted to leave out the lipstick from their makeup routines, with the masks being our main accessory and covering half our faces.

Well, neglected no more! Bold lips are back with a vengeance. A classic red, burgundy, or mauve lip is all the rage, whether it’s a mat lipstick or a shiny gloss.

Bright eyes

But since the masks are here to stay for a while, the main focus is on the eyes.  

In 2021 go all out for dramatic liners, smokey-eye, or a classic coal shade eyeshadow. 

A swipe Kohl eyeliner is all you need to create this runway beauty trend. 

Dewy skin

You can put all the makeup in the world on, but it will be useless if the skin is dull and dry.

In 2021 a dewy, hydrated, and natural-looking skin is the number one priority. Glowing like JLo has never had more appeal! 

So if you’re going to invest in beauty, your first order of business is stepping up that skincare game and focusing on healthy nutrition.

Lash extensions

Beautiful long lashes are a must-have for any finished look. This year it’s not about many layers of mascara but the long-lasting eyelash extensions. 

They complement any look or can save you time when you decide to go out barefaced. Whatever you choose – a dramatic smokey eye or showing off your dewy skin, these lashes have your back, baby. 

Androgynous look

We’re in the 21st century, and experimenting with different looks is not unusual anymore. 

If you’re looking for something new, consider the non-conforming, androgynous look that was ruling the catwalks.

Use foundation and concealer with a matte finish, sculpt your eyebrows, add a tint of dark pastel shadow and wear unisex clothes to merge the feminine and masculine.  

Face drawings

Masks save lives, but also challenge traditional makeup! Luckily, human creativity is endless, and a makeup trend that emerged from the pandemic-induced accessory is face drawings!

On the 2021 collection catwalk, many models were sporting delicate floral paintings around their eyes, temples, and forehead. And since many of us have time on our hands, we can practice this art and try it out the next time we leave the house!  

80s vibes

Nostalgia is still strong, and only the decades are changing. In 2021 we’re bringing back the 80s vibes!

Remember when Michael Jordan was still a youngster, being credited as one of the best defensive NBA players in 1988? Or when the radio was playing Michael Jackson, Queen and BeeGees? Well, nostalgia aside, the fashion trends are coming back.

Blue eyeliners, glitter, bold lips, and plenty of blush will make you stand out of the crowd and, let’s face it, look pretty damn good! 

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