Zara Fashion Show Makeup

The Modern Makeup team was so excited to get the opportunity to work with Zara fashion again!

Zara is an international clothing sensation, and one of Canada’s top clothing brands amongst young people.

The Zara makeup look was my personal favourite to create at the fourth instalment of Toronto Kids Fashion Week.

We choose to make the most of the space we had on the model’s faces and went with an edgy choice for the eye makeup look.

We opted to go for a rough around the edges, linear lines look in all black.

The intensity on the eyes really draws you in and helps you forget they are wearing a mask.

We wanted a fun makeup look that would captivate you and help take your mind off the otherwise noticeable face mask.

Check out the FULL VIDEO of the Zara Girls and Zara Boys fashions from TKFW:

Modern Makeup has been the official makeup provider of Toronto Kids Fashion Week since the first show in 2018.

Zara fashion is always one of the designers we get most excited about working with!

Zara Fashion Makeup Look

Take a look at our YouTube page and check out some of the past TKFW shows!

Here is the intro from Toronto Kids Fashion Week Season Three.

We made it work for TKFW IV, but definitely not having a mask and being able to see their full face will be something to look forward to!

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