Mobile Bridal Hair and Makeup Prices for 2023

Our mobile bridal hair and makeup prices have just been released for 2023!

Your wedding day makeup is arguably the most important makeup you will ever need to wear!

We believe that your bridal hair and makeup should be factored into your photography budget as your face is what is in each and every photo.

Modern Makeup owner & lead artist has more than 9 years of experience doing bridal makeup!

Choose an artist who represents the style you are looking for.

We suggest you visit our entire portfolio (not just bridal) to get inspirational ideas!

All bookings more than 2.5 hours from artist’s home will require overnight accommodations.

All mobile bookings quoted travel fee. Minimum $20.00.

Check out our 2023 Mobile Bridal Hair and Makeup below”

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Mobile bridal hairstyling
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Mobile Bridal Hair and Makeup
Durham Makeup Artist
Newmarket Makeup Artist

We travel all across Southern Ontario!

Modern Makeup’s team of artists is able to travel anywhere you need.

We suggest booking your wedding hair/makeup 6-12 months in advance to ensure we have availability.

Do not leave booking your hair or makeup until the last minute!

We recommend booking makeup and hair at the same time you book your venue and photographer.

We are able to travel long distances, however; overnight accommodations will be required for each artist if traveling more than 2.5 hours from their home.

Each artist will require their own accommodations. Artists will not share a room.

View our bridal portfolio here

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