What it’s Like Being a Makeup Artist During COVID-19

Makeup Artist during COVID-19 are one of the very few professions who see clients who wear no mask.

When the COVID-19 pandemic first affected Canada in March of 2020 I felt like I was watching the world move in slow motion, fully knowing what was to come.

Turns out that I was correct when I told my friend back on March 12th 2020 that everything we knew was about to change. As soon as they announced schools were closing I knew it was happening.

I closed my makeup business the next week and didn’t re-open until August.

As a bit of a science nerd, I’m always interested in the science behind things and naturally I have been following the COVID-19 pandemic since it all first started in Wuhan.

Being closed for months allowed me a lot of time to read the news, garden, play on JackpotCity online casino, workout, clean-up, and plan for how to safely reopen my business.

To say the least I was pretty terrified to re-open my doors again. I was emailing with the government and I was really afraid to be working in such close proximity to people.

If I’m being totally honest, I am still very afraid to be doing my job. But it is that same fear that I believe will keep me safe. I have done a lot of research and talked to a lot of people in order to come up with a plan that I feel is sufficient to keeping me safe.

PPE for Makeup Artists

I believe that the proper PPE and hygiene is enough to keep Makeup Artist during COVID-19 safe. Personally, I choose to wear a KN95 face mask every time I am in front of someone who is not wearing a mask.

I have spoken to health professionals who seemed shocked when they realized that yes, I am around a lot of people who don’t wear a mask for more than 15 minutes. They agreed I should be doing more to protect myself.

I believe a KN95 and a face shield are essential to staying safe on the job for a makeup artist. I feel it is our duty to stay safe and in turn protect everyone we come in contact with.

Mindset for Makeup Artists During COVID-19

I think one of the best things you can do is train your attitude.

I take my fears and I harness them into remembering to treat each and every client as though they were infected and contagious with COVID-19. I feel this is the best way to stay safe.

There is a way to do this without driving yourself completely insane. You must take all the necessary precautions and then have no regrets. You cant let the fear of contracting the virus completely run every aspect of your life.

If you practice the highest standards then they will eventually become second nature and you will automatically do the right things to stay safe. Habits are easily formed especially upon repetitive actions over a 14-21 day period.

If you have concerns about how to stay safe as a makeup artist, feel free to contact me and I’m more than happy to walk you through some of the practices I follow and why.

It will help your mental health a lot when you have the peace of mind that you have done everything right to stay safe.

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