Tips on Perfecting Your Cat Eye

While a bold lip or a perfect contour can highlight your facial features, arguably nothing is quite as game-changing as eyeliner. Pencil, gel and liquid liners truly open up the windows to your soul, as the makeup experts from StyleCaster explain,

“One little line can transform your makeup look in a big way, not to mention make you feel like a totally confident babe.”  And perhaps the most powerful among the multitude of eyeliner trends is none other than the cat eye.

Whether you are a cat person or not, these felines seem to be our source of inspiration for a lot of things, from yoga exercises that relieve stress and calm the mind  to cat-themed games that feature adorable kittens .

And for us beauty addicts, these furry creatures have acted as motivation behind one of the most powerful makeup trends to have stood the test of time.

Cat Eyes

But the problem with this style of liner is the intricacy of the flick and the amount of skill required to create even eyes. Although they say that it’s okay if your eyebrows are more like sisters rather than twins, the same cannot be said for your eye makeup.

Unfortunately, not all of us have been blessed with steady hands and the artistry that beauty vloggers execute, but thankfully, there are certain tricks of the trade that you can learn to make it seem like you have the natural ability to have perfect, even wings on each eye.

The first thing you should do before picking up your pen, pencil or brush, is understand your eye shape, since that will determine the appropriate thickness and the angle of the flick.

Gurl previously posted an infographic that shows four eye categories and how the application differs for each.

Once you have an idea of how thick the liner is and how dramatic you’d like your cat eye to be, you can follow any of the following beauty hacks to nail your winged liner.

1) Use a spoon as your stencil

Tape is often the go-to for those that are absolutely hopeless or don’t have patience for the perfect cat-eye, but the tape can be a bit painful to rip off. Swap the tape out for a spoon instead, using the handle to line the bottom of the wing and the curve of the spoon to finish the shape on top. Then just fill in your wings and line the rest of your lids.

2) Refine the lines with a makeup corrector

Sometimes it’s way easier to correct the mistakes rather than spending more time to even everything out, as you could make your liner much thicker than originally intended. So don’t fret if the lines are immaculate; make use of your makeup eraser, or cotton buds with petroleum jelly.

3) Connect the dots

Remember those colouring books that had you connect the dots to figure out the shapes? The same can be applied to your eyes, but make sure that the dots aren’t too big or uneven to keep the line consistent.

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