Commercial Makeup Artist Work for Chef Built Commercial

Commercial makeup with Chef John DeLucie.

As a professional makeup artist, I have the pleasure of getting to do something new almost every day.

I have been focusing a lot more on commercial makeup artistry which is amazing. Often times in commercial work however, I don’t get to show you the work that I have done.

Lucky for me I found a whole plethora of videos from some work I did for New York City Chef John DeLucie and Chef Built Commercial kitchen appliances.

What is Chef Built Commercial you might be asking? Well, it isn’t exactly your typical Black and Decker or Cuisinart appliance you might have in your home. These babies are built to withstand some serious conditions!

Here’s a quote from theCHEF-BUILT website that better describes their product offerings for you:

Designed and manufactured for commercial kitchens, CHEF-BUILT offers premium, high-performance appliances made for restaurant industry professionals everywhere.

Heavy duty construction and durable design are the hallmarks of CHEF-BUILT’S full-line of commercial kitchen products.

For chefs, by chefs—cook like a pro with CHEF-BUILT. Designed and Manufactured for Commercial Kitchens.

For John, the goal was to keep him looking like himself. I did very natural camera friendly makeup for him.

We also took a lot of hand shots with the products and during this shoot, he had a big burn on his hand that I had to conceal for the camera.

Take a look at the final product! I hope you like it…. warning… you might get hungry after watching 😛



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