COVID-19 Policy Update

Modern Makeup is following all government guidelines in regards to the current COVID-19 pandemic situation.

We are currently closed for business and will remain closed until the government deems it is safe for us to return to work.

Unfortunately, these are very uncertain times and no one has any real estimate on when makeup artists will be given the green light to return to work.

We anticipate that we will not re-open until there is a vaccine readily available.

At Modern Makeup both our client and our artist’s safety come first.

As you can imagine, doing a client’s makeup involves us being very close up, often within a one-foot distance.

Doing makeup also requires us to be touching your face including your eyes, nose area, and mouth area.

For these reasons, we anticipate being one of the last industries to safely return to work.

Client Bookings (Already Booked):

For all clients with upcoming appointments, you will never lose your deposit/retainer paid.

Modifications to our cancellation policy have been made to accommodate all clients who’ve had their bookings affected by COVID-19.

We are able to move retainer payments made to a new date.

Our client’s satisfaction and happiness is our number one priority,

2020 Bookings (Not Yet Booked):

We will currently NOT be accepting any bookings for 2020.

We do not yet know when we will be able to return to work, and as a result, we do not want to be accepting new deposits/retainer payments; only to have to reschedule/cancel/refund them in the future.

If you are inquiring about a future booking within the next 18 months we will take your name and information and note it in our bookings calendar.

As soon as we can to return to work we will reach out to all prospective clients and see if you are still interested in booking your appointment.

We are anxious to return to work as soon as possible!

Please stay home and stay safe!

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