Weekend in Grey Country with Georgian Bay Boudoir

We’re Bringing Boudoir to Grey County! Have you been feeling like you could use a little confidence “boost”?  Everywhere we look these days we see perfectly made-up faces and totally photoshopped bodies and we can’t help but compare ourselves to these impossible beauty standards. What if I told you that you are no different from these people?… Read More

Skincare Treats Your Body Deserves

Skincare Treats Your Body Deserves We’ve all got our daily skincare routines. While investing in serums and face masks are all well and good, the effort shouldn’t stop at your chin. Unless you’re genetically blessed with flawless skin from head to toe, issues like cellulite, bacne, and stretch marks can happen to all of us…. Read More

Prom Makeup Artist Prices for 2019

2019 Mobile Prom Makeup Artist Prices Book your prom makeup artist with Modern Makeup lead artist Jennifer Turner or with another member of our talented team! Do you want to really make a statement at your prom?! No matter what makeup look you desire Modern Makeup Owner and Lead Artist Jennifer Turner and her team… Read More

2019 Wedding Makeup Look Inspiration

It is time to talk about 2019 wedding makeup look inspiration! I wanted to share with you some inspirational makeup looks for your 2019 wedding makeup. These are some of my favourite wedding makeup looks that I would look at replicating for your 2019 wedding makeup look. Remember that hiring a professional makeup artist is… Read More

Professional Makeup Artist Prices – Reasons To Pay More

What affects professional makeup artist prices and what should you be paying for your makeup artist services? Just like any profession, there are talented makeup artists and there are not so talented makeup artists. There are makeup artists who are really really great at producing one style of makeup, but not so great at doing… Read More

Tips on Creating Dramatic Eye Makeup Looks

Tips on Creating Dramatic Eye Makeup Looks Out of all the types of makeup, most people find eyeshadow to be the most complicated to use. But with its endless possibilities, that’s exactly what makes it a strong component in your beauty kit. With daring eye makeup becoming this season’s hottest trend, now’s the perfect time… Read More

Miss World Canada 2018 Results

The results fro Miss World Canada 2018 are in! Modern Makeup is the proud makeup supplier of the 2018 Miss World Canada pageant The week long event took place in Toronto, ON from July 22nd to 28th. Modern Makeup provided makeup services for all of their big events. Take a look at the final moments… Read More