“Frozen” Themed Wedding Featured in Elegant Wedding Magazine

A “Frozen” themed wedding may sound to you like a strange idea for your big day, but take a look at how the team at Destiny Weddings took a cartoon theme and turned it into a dream wedding with gorgeous flowers, decor and more!

You would not believe the time I had trying to find the right shade of eyeshadow for this theme.

I was in the market for a shade of blue/grey to use on her eyes and do you think I could find one? NOPE!

Therefore I had to take matters into my own hands and custom create exactly what I was looking for using my Make Up For Ever flash palette and neutral flash palette.

It seems no one likes blue toned shadows, but certainly, it can look great when done right!

Take a look at this video recap and then scroll down to see some of the final images of this “Frozen” Themed Wedding!

Hit me up on IG @modernmakeupcan and let me know what you think of the custom eyeshadow… Does it make you rethink swearing you would never wear blue eyeshadow?

Frozen-Inspired Styled Shoot (Toronto) www.norrisfilms.com from Norris Films on Vimeo.

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Take a look at our Wedding Makeup Portfolio here!

Luxurious Frozen Theme Wedding – Credits:

Photography: The Right Moments Photography | Planner & Creative Director: Destiny Weddings | Hair & Makeup: Modern Makeup

Dresses: Elisabeth & Beau |Floral: Plush Flowers | Stationery: The Polka Dot Paper Shop |  Venue: Harding Waterfront Estate |

Cake: Finespun Cakes | Furniture & Decor Rentals: Cre8ive Studios | Table Setting Decor: Sweet Bee Tea Party |

Jewellery: Kathryn Rebecca Jewellery |

Chair Rentals: Vibe Rentals | Crystal Flower Stands: The Ultimate Wedding Project | Linens: Susan Murray International |

Videography: Norris Films | Headpiece: Daughters of July | Model: Morgan Model Mgmt


Skincare Treats Your Body Deserves

Skincare Treats Your Body Deserves

We’ve all got our daily skincare routines. While investing in serums and face masks are all well and good, the effort shouldn’t stop at your chin. Unless you’re genetically blessed with flawless skin from head to toe, issues like cellulite, bacne, and stretch marks can happen to all of us. Fortunately, even the most pressing concerns can be addressed by a hardworking product, which is why it’s important to get in on that body care regimen, too.

Commercial Makeup Artist

Treatment Body Wash

In the summer, sweat and oil production can go on overdrive and lead to clogged chest and back pores. There’s little you can do to stop your sweat glands, but your first line of defence can start in the shower. The entire Neutrogena Pink Grapefruit line is already a cult favourite for skin care, and its body wash is just as reliable. Despite containing 2% salicylic acid, it doesn’t smell medicinal and slathers on very nicely.

Shower Oil

No, body wash and shower oil aren’t the same things, with the main difference being texture. While body wash is comparable to that of liquid soap, shower oil is thicker and puts more emphasis on scent and luxurious experience. Niche perfume house Le Labo has since released a much-awaited line of body products that promise to make you look and feel good. Described by Elle editors as “Lush-meets-modern-day-apothecary-meets-utilitarian-chic vibes,” their shower oil offers the best of plant-based indulgence for your body.

Modern Makeup Mobile Makeup
Credit: L’Officiel USA

Foot Treatment

If you’re constantly on your feet, even the most comfortable pair of shoes can take a toll on your skin. But while it can be tempting to peel off the impending callouses with a tough scrub, Pretty Me advises against it. Your feet are more delicate than you think, so it’s no surprise that the Baby Foot craze has taken over Japan. This treatment is much gentler than a scrub and leaves your feet exactly how its name suggests — like a baby’s.


Friction is smooth skin’s enemy, especially for drier areas like your elbows and knees. As such, it’s good to have an excellent scrub that strikes a good balance between having enough skin-sloughing properties, but is still moisturising and not harsh. Like we previously discussed on Modern Makeup, natural ingredients make for some amazing facial care, and the same goes for your body. The 100% Pure Body Scrub is a top contender for its all-organic and sugar-based scrub.

Skin Salve

As we age, our skin can get dry and brittle. To prevent any peeling and splitting, keep a salve with you at all times. Beauty writer Emily Belfiore suggests the Glossier Balm Dotcom, which is packed with antioxidants and natural emollients that work together to nourish and repair dry skin. Unlike your typical balm, it is touted more as an overall skin salve with a waxy texture, which is what allows it to lock in moisture all day.

Modern Makeup
Credit: Glossier

Neck Cream

Ever heard of the term “tech neck?” According to Dr. Dendy Engelman, it is defined as the early onset of persistent folding of the skin. If you’re one to look down at a phone or laptop all day, you might be a strong candidate for it. Few people know that the neck is actually more prone to ageing than any other part of the body. You can prevent this with products that help thicken skin, like the Elizabeth Arden Anti-Aging Neck and Décolleté Firm & Repair Cream, but a normal night cream like Olay Total Effects Anti-Aging Night Firming Cream works just as fine.

Event Makeup Manager
Credit: Olay

Prom Makeup Artist Prices for 2019

2019 Mobile Prom Makeup Artist Prices

Book your prom makeup artist with Modern Makeup lead artist Jennifer Turner or with another member of our talented team!

Do you want to really make a statement at your prom?! No matter what makeup look you desire Modern Makeup Owner and Lead Artist Jennifer Turner and her team of talented artists will be able to accomplish it for you!

Book your makeup with the team behind the faces of Miss Teenage Canada, Miss World Canada, Top Model Search Canada, Toronto Kids Fashion Week and MORE. We know beauty!

Our professional makeup artists work mobile, meaning we come directly to your home or wherever needed to provide on-site mobile prom makeup services.

Prices listed include traveling to any location from (East to West) Bowmanville to Highway 400  and from (North to South) Newmarket to Downtown Toronto. Anywhere within this box is included in the travel area, anything outside these areas a small travel fee will apply.

Prices listed include applicable HST.

All prices include top quality makeup as well as false eyelashes.

Typical prom makeup artist bookings require about 2 hours for one person just makeup and 2.5-3 hour for hair and makeup.  Add one hour for each additional person’s service (some time is needed to get in, get setup and then pack everything up and leave). Please keep this in mind when planning your group’s timing. For large groups with not a huge timeline, additional prom makeup artists / hairstylists can be brought in to make the timing work for all of you!

Keep scrolling for photos from some of our past prom clients.

Prom Makeup or Hair Alone

1 person – $120

2 people – $ 110 each

3 people + – $100 each

*Prices INCLUDE HST and Lashes*

*Extra $20 to style and add extensions to hair (not provided)


Prom Hair and Makeup

1 person – $240

2 people + – $200 each

*Prices Include HST*

*Extra $20 to style and add extensions to hair (not provided)

*When inquiring to book, please remember to include the following information:

Prom Date:

Number of People:

Services needed: (ie. makeup alone or hair and makeup)

Approximate location: (ie, what town/city?)

Timeline we have: (ie we can start at 11am and we all need to be ready by 4:00pm for photos)


Check us out on Instagram for more photo updates!

Here’s some photos from prom clients done by Modern Makeup owner and lead artist Jennifer Turner. These are all from real prom clients from 2018. I included some glitter liner looks, classic prom looks, and some more natural looks.  These are not models they are real people:


Now here are some prom inspired photos and these ladies are models. Some of these photos are from the Miss Teenage Canada and Miss World Canada competitions, others just have that prom glam feel!

Take a look and enjoy!

Prom Hair and makeup 2019 prom makeup inspo Beauty Makeup mobile prom makeup artist toronto gta Prom Makeup looks 2019 mobile prom makeup and hair



2019 Wedding Makeup Look Inspiration

It is time to talk about 2019 wedding makeup look inspiration! I wanted to share with you some inspirational makeup looks for your 2019 wedding makeup.

These are some of my favourite wedding makeup looks that I would look at replicating for your 2019 wedding makeup look.

Remember that hiring a professional makeup artist is an important part of your wedding budget to ensure you look perfect for all of your guests, and also perfect in your expensive photos!

For more great reasons to book your makeup with an experienced artist, read this article.


Natural Glow Wedding Makeup

2019 Natural Wedding makeup

Glam Wedding Makeup

2019 Bridal Makeup Look

Bold Wedding Makeup Looks

Sometimes to get the look you want you need to go bold!

I love how these beauties went with very elegant but bold eye makeup choices. Making bold choices usually makes for better photos.

travelling makeup artist high end toronto perfect wedding makeup

2019 Bridal Makeup Look 2019 Wedding Makeup ideas

Boho Wedding Makeup Look

2019 Natural Wedding Makeup Look


Why you MUST hire a Professional Makeup Artist for your Wedding Day

Why hire a professional makeup artist for your wedding day?

There are so many expenses when it comes to planning your wedding day.

With so many expenses, there are always areas brides look back on and think “I really could have cut that expenses, I wish I didn’t spend so much on my ____”

Usually I find that blank space is something like, “napkins, candles, flowers, chair covers, shots (lol), shoes (no one sees them in a typical dress anyways), etc”.

So many couples invest a ton of money into their wedding day. They spend quite a bit of their budget on their photographer.

Capturing your special day has to be one of the most important parts for a lot of people and I can totally agree with that. The photos are how you can look back and remember that wonderful day (that cost you so much for a lot of people).

2019 bridal makeup looks

I understand not everyone is into makeup, and to be honest I find that most of my clients are people who do not wear much makeup on the regular, they are hiring me because they do not know how to do the look themselves.

Take a look at this post where I talk about all the expenses makeup artists incur and why you should be paying more to work with a professional artist.

Wedding makeup can be very demanding, and if your artist is not experienced they may not have what it takes to make you and your bridal party look absolutely perfect.

Hire a professional makeup artist
2019 wedding makeup look

Here are some important factors to consider which make bridal makeup that much more tricky:

  • For some brides, makeup can need to last for up to 20 hours!
  • Many weddings take place during the hot summer months. You must use the right products to combat the heat / sweat or else you could look disastrous very quickly.
  • Most people cry. Maybe you think you won’t… but are you willing to gamble that you won’t? Maybe you won’t cry but everyone else in your bridal party might. A professional is already 10 steps ahead and will be using all long wear and waterproof products. I just assume
  • You need to look perfect in person, but also for the camera
    • Makeup for real life and makeup for photography are two totally different worlds and will look a lot different in person
    • Find a makeup artist who can make you look perfect in person, but also for your photos.
  • Products used will be better quality for the more experienced and more expensive professionals.
  • Avoid products that could cause a makeup flashback (white cast that appears in photos if the wrong products are used [This happens all the time with inexperienced artists]).

Check out our Wedding Makeup Portfolio HERE.

So What Does a Professional Makeup Artist Cost?

Prices professional makeup artists charge will vary a lot and will include different things. Most people charge extra for false eyelashes ($10-50) and at Modern Makeup we always include them.

Having your makeup “professionally” done can range anywhere from $75-400 for your quality “professional”. I would say that beginners are charging somewhere in the $35-65 range. Celebrity makeup artists typically start between $200-500 and can go into the thousands.

You can take a look at our wedding makeup and hair prices listed here.

2019 wedding makeup look

Professional Makeup Artist Prices – 4 Reasons To Pay More

What affects professional makeup artist prices and what should you be paying for your makeup artist services?

Just like any profession there are talented makeup artists and there are not so talented makeup artists.

There are makeup artists who are really really great at producing one style of makeup, but not so great at doing anything else.

When you’re booking your wedding makeup artists, what is most important is to find someone who is going to be the right fit for you!

I want to talk to you for a moment about prices and what you should be considering before selecting your makeup artist for your big day. Keep reading to find out 4 reasons why makeup artist prices are what they are.

makeup artist prices

Why Do Makeup Artists Charge So Much? What Affects Makeup Artist Prices?

In this section I will touch on several key factors to remember about your makeup artist prices and what you should remember affects the cost of doing business with a professional makeup artist.

#1 – We travel to you.

  • The cost of a vehicle or public transportation is something you need to remember
  • The cost of fuel
  • The cost of maintenance
  • The cost of car insurance

# 2 – Time is Money

  • You are not just paying for the time it takes to actually do your makeup
  • You’re paying for all the communication back and forth time it takes to book you and answer all of your questions
  • You’re paying for the time it takes for me to travel to you, and to travel back home after your appointment.
  • You’re paying for the time it takes to clean all of the tools used on you and your group
  • Our time is valuable just like yours and our work does not stop when your makeup application is done
  • The time it takes me to go shopping for new products
  • The time I spend and have spent educating myself and attending classes and workshops

# 3 – Supplies are Expensive

  • Have you ever purchased makeup? The answer is likely yes and if so you know that makeup is not cheap.
  • Makeup artists are expected and required to have top quality products available in every shade, texture and tone.
    • It costs a lot of money to properly stock a full makeup kit.
  • Makeup has a shelf life, it does expire. Professional makeup artists will always keep their kits fresh and doing so is very expensive

# 4 – Running a Business is Expensive

  • If you are reading this article (which you obviously are at this point) then you are on my website… which I pay money to host every year.
    • I also invest time into writing this material, updating my photo images, and keeping everything here up to date.
  • Business Insurance – That’s right, we pay that too.
  • HST – Legitimate businesses like Modern Makeup charge and pay HST to the government.
  • Advertising
  • Paying employees

Take a look at this super accurate video that is talking about the same thing, but with photographers:

Makeup artist prices can vary by huge amounts! In general, the more experienced the artist, the more they will be charging.

Makeup artists today are having trouble making an honest living because so many people do not fully understand what we do and all the factors that should be considered.

Makeup artistry is my career. I have to charge the rates I charge because if I did not I would never stop moving and everyone would be taking advantage of my talents. I would end up having to close my business because I could not sustain all the expenses that go along with being the best at what you do. Learn more about me here.

If you want the best makeup artists, they are worth paying double for. Like I always say to my brides…. How much money are you investing into your professional photography? Typically everyone has a high budget for photography, and practically no budget for the makeup which is the #1 thing that everyone is going to see in those expensive photos you’re paying for.

Tips on Creating Dramatic Eye Makeup Looks

Tips on Creating Dramatic Eye Makeup Looks

Out of all the types of makeup, most people find eyeshadow to be the most complicated to use. But with its endless possibilities, that’s exactly what makes it a strong component in your beauty kit. With daring eye makeup becoming this season’s hottest trend, now’s the perfect time to ditch your usual neutrals.

Take your cue from your favourite celebs like Lily Collins and Lupita Nyong’o, both of whom have been spotted rocking electric blue on their lids. Moreover, the likes of Bella Hadid and Rowan Blanchard have also been working their shocking ultraviolets.

Whether you want a youthful, popping look for a fun day with the gals or a striking, smokey gaze for a night out, let eye makeup up the ante. After all, they say the eyes are the windows to your soul — might as well make them worth the view, too! Here are some tricks to ensure your eye make-up stays on point.

Set the foundation

We don’t mean just the one on your face. Your lids deserve a little insurance too, and that’s exactly what an eyelid primer does. Spread it on as a first step to combat oiliness and creasing, as well as to increase longevity throughout the night.

Don’t shy away from colour

Colours are a no-fail way to turn heads. If you’re feeling iffy about bright colours, you don’t have go in with neons right away. Go with what you feel. Lottoland notes that a basic colour like red is often associated with passion and excitement, while blue decidedly exudes glamour. Orange, on the other hand, is more youthful and fun. See what colour your mood is gravitating towards and work from there.

Image credit: Christopher Polk / Getty Images

Contrast or complement

Some makeup looks better on certain eye colours. Makeup artist Justine Purdue suggests consulting the good old colour wheel. Check which colour accents you can pair with your iris’ hues. Blue eyes, for example, can use plum, burgundy, and brown for contrast, while blue and yellow hues can complement. On the other hand, hazel eyes can benefit from purples and blues to balance them out, while olive greens and gold can effectively complement the eyes.

Image credit: Brit + Co

Line for emphasis

A single line can really make a huge difference to your look. Unfortunately, not everyone is blessed with a steady hand and the firm hold required to do an intricate, clean-cut flick. Previously here on the Modern Makeup blog, we revealed a few hacks to make lining a breeze — like using a spoon as your stencil and using a makeup corrector. But you don’t have to stop at the typical blacks. Coloured eyeliner is all the range on the runway for a reason. It’s a good way to give your bland look a much-needed re-up.

 Image credit: George Pimentel / WireImage

Coordinate your outfit

Another chic trend that has been dominating the red carpet is matching clothes and make-up. It’s easy to try, but equally easy to over-do as well. To start, makeup artist Nina Park recommends choosing a shade that matches your outfit and plays well with your skin tone, especially on your lips. For your eyes, consider a brighter shade to add a pop of colour and make your peepers stand out.

Image credit: Jon Kopaloff / FilmMagic

Don’t forget the mascara

As the last step of your eye make-up routine, mascara is the cherry on top to complete your look. There are many types to choose from depending on your needs. If you’re going for theatrical thickness, opt for a tubular wand that can coat every lash. Looking for volume? A curved wand can grab your lashes by the base and fan them from root to tip nicely. Of course, be very thorough in your sweep so as to avoid clumps.

Image credit: Frazer Harrison / Getty Images

Miss World Canada 2018 Results

The results fro Miss World Canada 2018 are in!

Modern Makeup is the proud makeup supplier of the 2018 Miss World Canada pageant

The week long event took place in Toronto, ON from July 22nd to 28th.

Modern Makeup provided makeup services for all of their big events.

Take a look at the final moments here

Check out our youtube channel for more videos.

Modern Makeup also provides makeup for Miss Teenage Canada and Top Model Search Canada.

Miss World Canada 2018 Results

The second princess, or Miss Intercontinental Canada winner is Alice Li.

Miss World Canada Alice Li

The first princess, or Miss Supranatural Canada winner is Alyssa Boston.

Miss World Canada Alyssa Boston

Above all, the winner of Miss World Canada 2018 was Hanna Begovic.

Miss World Canada 2018 Winner Hanna Begovic

Still there are more notable wins from the night:

Kansas King won both Miss Congeniality as well as The People’s Choice.

Kansas King wins miss congeniality

Natasha won Miss Fitness

Miss World Canada 2018

2019 Bridal Makeup Prices Released

Modern Makeup has released our 2019 Bridal Makeup prices! Modern Makeup is one of the top wedding makeup service providers in the Greater Toronto Area.

Below is a quick summary, to view our full list of 2019 Bridal Prices please CLICK HERE.

If you are new to booking with a professional makeup artist and you don’t know what to expect for prices, please read this article about how bridal makeup and hair prices are established, and why you should be paying a bit more for your bridal services.

To book with lead artist Jennifer Turner the prices are as follows:

Makeup Alone:

Bride alone (no additional bridesmaids) – $300

Bride (with at least one additional person) – $200

Bridesmaids ( 1-2 ) – $130

Bridesmaids ( 3+ ) – $120

All prices with Jennifer include HST, travel within the GTA, quality false eyelashes, and a touch up kit. Travel fees may apply outside the GTA.

To book with a Modern Makeup team member the prices for makeup are as follows:

Bride alone (no additional bridesmaids) – $250

Bride (with at least 1 additional person) – $140

Bridesmaids (1-2) – $115

Bridesmaids (3+) – $105

All prices include HST, travel within the GTA, quality false eyelashes. Travel fees may apply outside the GTA.

To view our full list of 2019 Bridal Prices please CLICK HERE.

Modern Ingredients, Egg White Powder & Honey Face Mask Recipes

Readers know that I’m always seeking out new ways to create natural cosmetics and homemade beauty products.

I love concocting secret elixirs, magic creams and pastes from household ingredients found in my refrigerator and kitchen pantry.

So it should come as no surprise that on Saturday June 9th 2018, when given the opportunity to test out a new secret beauty weapon, I couldn’t resist.

Here’s Sam Dhutia, the founder and CEO of CanEggs Ltd egg white powder, cutting an avocado which could have been riper to be honest.

jenifer Turner of Modern Makeup making egg honey face masks

CanEggs Condo Beauty Craft – Recipe Building & Photography Shoot on Sat, 09 June 2018

That particular Saturday, I was booked in the morning and battled traffic to get the downtown location in time to attend this very special product creation workshop.

The event was ostensibly a free experimentation studio that centered on CanEggs brand Egg White Powder product, and it was made even more special by the highly creative people in the room.  Christina Paruag from Fem Evolve Magazine with Trish from AmulitesChristian Paruag from Fem Evolve health & wellness magazine spent hours, literally chopping fruit for smoothies. She’s a food scientist and cancer researcher and also a writer and magazine publisher.Jen adds egg white powder to make beauty skin masksThe luxury condo was also very cool and just happened to have an amazing view of the Toronto Wolfpack rugby game happening twenty floors down and across the street in Lamport Stadium.

Premier Matrix Realty donated an empty luxury condo and wrote about the day on their blog, highlighting the Walk Score of the surrounding neighbourhood which is vastly improved by the International Rugby League agreeing to allow Toronto and Lamport Stadium to field a team.

Another nearby business was Velago Patio Furniture which decorated the empty balcony.Alice Li and Kat Li on the balcony at CanEggs photo shootWhat exactly is Egg White Powder?

Egg powder is made by machine-drying eggs with and without the center yellow egg-yolks.  The dehydration processing method, usually done to preserve the foodstuff, is not new.

The ‘powdered eggs’ product category came into existence around the start of World War II when the nutritional quality and ease of storage were practical advantages in supplying troops overseas.

Dehydration is a successful method of preserving eggs, and results in an extended shelf life of six to eight months. In the 1960s, 70s and 80s, powdered eggs were usually selected over natural liquid egg products for ease and efficiency in large scale bakeries.

Egg powders reduce transport costs, storage costs, and are easier to handle in a safe manner.  Dehydrated materials are not as susceptible to harmful bacteria.

Also, and this is important, powdered eggs are more easily measured than liquid eggs. Egg powders are thus used in many segments of the food industry for institutional baking formulations.Modern Makeup creating egg white powder beauty mask - homemade cosmetics

We also used the CanEggs egg white powder for making fruit smoothies.  Martin, Alice, and Jason Lau from eMagTO who also wrote up the CanEggs Condo Shoot, perfected several delicious recipes.  Peach and mango together were heavenly, and strawberry + banana+ kiwi was also popular.  Not everything worked – Sam tried to make one with carrot juice, and to be kind, I will just say, it needed something.fruit in blender with egg white powder for smoothiesHow to Make Egg White Powder Face Masks

egg white powder - beauty maskI spent the afternoon making myself an expert on egg white powder beauty masks using CanEggs powdered egg whites.

Why use powdered egg whites when you can use fresh eggs? Answer: bacteria. CanEggs brand powdered egg whites are pasteurized (and dehydrated) so that they are safer to use than separating fresh eggs. Using it as a ‘beauty mask’ helps replenish skin and can help reduce the appearance of fine lines and pores.

In the photo below, you can see I’m applying tissue paper to the model’s face, but this is not necessary. We tried it both ways and found that simply painting the face with the creamy mixture was mask enough.

you can use the face mask with tissue paper or without tissueI made a pretty big batch for us all and we had plenty of leftovers so I have scaled back the recipe for you.

Take a look at the recipe we created:

Egg White Powder & Honey Face Mask Recipe

  • 1/2 cup water
  • 2 heaping tablespoons of Canegg powdered egg whites
  • 1/2 and avocado
  • 1 kiwi
  • 1.5 tbsp of unpasteurized honey
  • 2 drops of Elabloom essential oil – Enchanted

The mixture already had a pleasant smell, but we opted to scent our face masks with an essential oil from Elabloom.

“Enchanted” contains petitgrain essential oil, cedarwood essential oil, lavender essential oil, eucalyptus essential oil and clove essential oil. Don’t put too much in! Start with just one drop.

Kiwi delivers a strong dose of Vitamin C which contains potent antioxidant power and also protects the skin from age-causing free radicals.

We also believe the natural fatty oils in the avocado could penetrate deep into the skin, helping to soften and hydrate dry and flaky patches.

Minerals in Chicken’s Diet Affects the Egg White Powder

They can formulate egg powders to be exactly what we need/want, like enriched with essential fatty acids.

A batch of powder has a way longer shelf life than a carton of eggs.

egg white powder face masks for acne - skin cleansingThe egg white powder beauty mask also helps teens battling acne. Egg whites have astringent properties that help shrink pores by tightening the skin. Apply this mix onto your whole face or large pore affected areas.female models with perfect skin on balconyHere are two models after the treatment (and with some make-up) enjoying the view from the balcony.